In Korea just over a week

A message I wrote a little more than a week after I came to Korea:


Wednesday, Sept 3, 2009 my time– 10:30am; (Central time: 8:30pm Tuesday the 2nd)

 Hey Hey! I have only been here a week and a few days but it seems like a month! SO MUCH to experience and take in!! I am trying to adjust. The language barrier is a challenge for me and I am determined to learn this language soon–LIKE YESTERDAY!! lol… I am always wanting things to happen quickly but know that it is not how things go– lessons in patience– oh they are great! {sarcasm}… but if I would just become patient I wouldn't have to have these lessons all the time!! lol catch 22

I am hoping to get the internet and a phone soon- not that I have a ton of people to call- but so that if I get lost, I can at least call someone! 😦 The streets mostly all look the same to me. I have found a few landmarks to help me find my way though. Take last night for example– I went out to get some hangers and other stuff for my new apartment. I walked around for a little over an hour. I was headed back and took a wrong turn (getting used to that lately). I had to backtrack to this area with a statue. I know to go in the direction one of them is facing! lol… IMMA GENIUS!
I work at a small school (about 500 students) in a fairly rural setting. I have about 27-32 students per class and teach 26 classes per week. Four of those classes are afterschool in addition to my involvement in a volleyball league on Wed afternoons. Wednesday is my prep day- no classes for me to teach- but that means all my lesson plans must be done on Wed for the week to come! :) Seems like I'll stay busy but that is a good thing. I (fortunately) live in downtown ULSAN though, so it is a nice "best of both worlds" experience. Ulsan has about 1.3 million people so it's not small, but it is small compared to Seoul (the capital). I am in the district that is on the ocean (SE Korea) and went to the beach last weekend. NICE!!

Well, back to planning.. when I get internet I plan to open a blog. I tried on the school computers, but am getting an error message (in Korean) so I have no clue how to open it here. ttys

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1 Response to In Korea just over a week

  1. VBsail says:

    YEAH….how exciting !!!! Lov Ya, Victoria

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