Busan ~ Film Festival

Hannah, Daniel and I ventured to Busan (or Pusan– it's spelled and pronounced both ways) for the weekend (Oct 9-11th). Well, we knew we were going for Friday night but weren't sure if we would return on Sat or Sun.. we decided to play it by ear — and bring enough stuff to suffice for either. We took a one hour train ride from Ulsan to Busan– it was my FIRST "real" TRAIN RIDE (excluding those train carts in Colorado up to the Pikes Peak, and the public transportation carts of the MARTA in Atlanta). That weekend turned out to be the Pusan International Film Festival weekend. We ended up watching one Korean film but the midnight trio of films we planned to view was sold out.


Beach sculpturesBeach sunBusan beach- haundaeFilm fest random group 2

We ate Mexican food in a small, 4 seater restaraunt. It was DELICIOUS! There, we met a new American friend whom we struck conversation with. He ended up hanging out with us intermittently throughout the rest of the weekend. His company was a delight. He suggested a great Thai restaraunt for dinner, which we all enjoyed. He is not from Pusan (he lives about 2.5 hrs bus ride away) and too decided to come to Pusan on a whim and stay the weekend. This is one of the reasons I so love Korea– the random events and people you meet!


Love 1st groupTaco shopH & K ledgeK & D burgersH & K stairsDustin & me tai 1Tai dishes

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