35 hours in Seoul

This past weekend I spent 35 hrs in Seoul (the capital city of S. Korea). The "road trip" began at 11:15pm on Friday (the 16th) when I met up with three other friends at the Ulsan express bus station, and left on the midnight bus. We figured we would sleep on the way- it was a 4.5 hr trip- but due to the heat and lack of comfort room on the bus, it was more like napping on and off. Between tossing and turning, touching as much of the window (for the cool on the outside) and the massive rain storm we drove through, I probably slept a total of 2 hrs.


H & K busGroup bathroomMe subwaySeoul Subway

We arrived in Seoul just after 4:30am. Once we figured out where we were, we sat at some tables to wait for the subway system to open up in an hr. I had never taken a subway ride, yet another first was about to be conquered in South Korea. 🙂 We met up with a friend of Hannah's — who happens to be touring the world in 4 months– who started her world tour in Korea since she knows Hannah. She was staying at a hostel which we ended up sleeping at as well.

Here are the activities (chronologically) we enjoyed:

  • Tour of the largest palace in Korea (and former home to the Korean language inventor)
  • Watched a traditional cultural performance (There were traditional dancers, drummers and singers. It was a nice show. Unfortunately, we were not able to take photos inside.)
  • Ate at some new venues
  • Found a foreigner's casino- interesting experience.
  • Headed home Sunday around 3pm



Palace 1Palace riverWaterfall in seoulMe Korean zodiac 2Ride home scenerio 2Seoul at nightDrum

I must say, I was not as impressed with Seoul as most my friends said I would be. I like Ulsan, my home city, the largest (geographically) city in S. Korea, but ranks 7th largest in population. Overall, it was a nice trip, but I was glad to be back home in Ulsan. …. so next weekend, I'll visit another place and have more adventures…. stay tuned.   


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