Wind in my parachute? or rain on my parade?

Paragliding is one of the adventures I planned to take before I moved to Korea.For those of you who do not know, paragliding is when you go up a tall mountain or cliff, run off of it and allow the rectangular parachute on your back to catch the wind– you basically fly in the air for awhile (typically 30 minutes) before landing on the ground. After being here a couple months, I decided it would be a good idea to check into it as I thought my time was running short on good weather (but it actually turns out that you can paraglide in all seasons).


I read up on it, scoped out locations, and turns out there is a paragliding school here in Ulsan! JACKPOT! After several emails, phone calls, and inquires to friends who speak Korean, I found out: The instructor paraglides with you– tandum (he is attached to you and the parachute) to help the experience be as positive as it can be. It costs 80,000won (about $65 US) and he is available every Sat and Sun morning.


A few of my friends (about 20) had said they wanted to go, but when all the coordination and details came out, only 6 of us actually planned to attend the adventure on November 1st. One of my friends came down from her rural home (4 hrs away by train) to partake. The day prior to our voyage, the instructor called me and told me that the wind was going to be too much for paragliding and that it could possibly rain. Being the "assertive" person I am, I asked him if we could try. He agreed to meet me but cautioned that the likelihood is GREAT that it would be a no go. With high hopes I woke up early on the 1st and ventured to the meeting place. Sure enough, as I walking outside, I knew it was too windy. I could  feel the wind blowing (HARD) and I was in between buildings. Too much wind can cause the flight to be dangerous. SO…. no paragliding on November 1st.


Now I am checking the weather and trying to figure out when I can make this thought a reality. Hopefully soon…. stay tuned for details…. 

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