Ulsan Grand Park

Ulsan Grand Park is the largest park in S. Korea. It happens to be about a 15 minute walk from my apartment! YAY. I have yet to explore the entire park, but have enjoyed the 3 visits I have made there. … 3 visits and haven't seen it all? you ask?? Well, yes, due to circumstances, all three visits were unplanned. Thus, night has fallen, time not allowed, or just too plain tired.

My last visit, the first weekend in November, actually proved to be quite fun! I rented a bicycle to cover more ground. Bicycle rentals, though, are by the hour so my friend and I thought we could see how far we would get in that allotted time. I must say, I haven't ridden a bike in a VERY long time and my booty was quite sore the next day. Good thing we only took an hour! lol

The hour did not prove to take us far as the park is quite beautiful and pictures HAD to be taken! There was also a reflexology path in which visitors are to walk barefoot accross variant textures and sizes of rock. It is said that if you are in perfect health, it will not hurt a bit. Apparently I am not! hahaha … but I didn't need a reflexology path to tell me that! Don't get me wrong, I have great health and am thankful for the faculties I do have, I'm just sayin…. after 30 you realize that all your moving parts do quite move like they did 15 years ago! lol….




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