Thailand- week 1


In Korea, students go to school all year 'round. They get a 6 week break in the summer and a 6 week break in the winter. Their new school year starts just after lunar new year's (which is in Feb). Thus, I get the great opportunity to take some vacation time (18 working days total) during those breaks, when I am not in winter camp– see the blog: WINTER CAMPS IN KOREA for more clarification.

This vacation, I took 8 days (plus two national holidays in there) and weekends to spend 15 days in Thailand! Because I did SO MUCH there, I will keep this blog short and to the point, hoping that pictures can take you farther than the words I write. 🙂 oh, and maybe make two blogs. 🙂


I started my vacation off, traveling alone, with one night in Bangkok.– lol– The island that I was going to required a full day of travel: 5 hr bus ride, 30 minute ferry ride, and 45 minutes "taxi" = back of a truck ride, to the end of an island in the south of Thailand called Koh Chang. 


I was literally at the far end of the island and about 30 minutes from Cambodia. I stayed at hostels (for those of you who don't know- a hostel is like a backpacker's hotel with usually dormatory-style living) most of my trip.




Koh Chang was amazing! I could watch the sunrise from one side of the hostel & the sunset from the other! Oh, and I FINALLY learned how to snorkel! AMAZING!! 

Koh Chang (21)Koh Chang (96) resize sunsetKoh Chang sunset from pierKoh Chang (60) resizeKoh Chang sunrise massage

Hannah joined me on Christmas morning and we spent two days on the island before heading back to Trat (the ferry port city) the night of the 26th. We actually had planned to leave Koh Chang on the 27th, but due to taxi schedules, it would've been impossible to make our flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (way up north) after the 5 hour bus ride from Trat. We spent Christmas on the beach, and spotted some wild monkeys taking over the scooters parked near the beach. WOW! I had never seen monkeys that close in a natural environment before!


Koh Chang (106) resizeKoh Chang (97)Koh Chang monkey on bikeKoh Chang (91) resizeKoh Chang (72)Koh Chang (93) resizeKoh Chang (89) resizeKoh Chang (54) beach cliff cottage


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