“So… What’s next?” you ask?

Well, many of you have been asking me how long I'll stay in Korea. My answer, "I'm not sure, but it'll be a hot minute." So, basically, my plan is to stay at least another year. I am looking into, and applying for, university positions here. If I get hired for a university position in this or the next contract, I will be here a few more years. If I don't find a university job in the next 18 months, then I will likely go somewhere else in August of 2011.

So, where will this "somewhere else" be? Lord only knows. There are so many possibilities out there! I have a (long) list of places I plan to visit, but living abroad is much different compared to vacationing. I am volunteering with a couple different things here but we will see what doors open in the future. 

One of the areas of interest for me is the area of anti-human trafficking projects. I met an inspiring young woman while I was in Thailand. She travels the world (literally) working with Non Government Organizations (NGO) on projects for this cause. I have since become involved by helping do some translation work for Haiti. In light of the recent earthquakes there, human trafficking opportunities have increased to an already risky area. It feels good to be contributing in some way and I would be quite pleased if more involvement with this topic becomes part of my future.

Sorry I don't have more specifics. Just know that I plan to be "abroad" for awhile and I will definitely keep the internet as my portal for communication. Much love to those who read my blogs, check my facebook page, and/or keep up with me via email.

P.S…. May should be a big blog month for me. I will be taking two trips: one to the Philippines and one to Jeju island (the Hawaii of Korea). I bought a new camera that can go underwater so the snorkeling adventures in those places should be nicely captured for all of us!! YAY


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