Impromptu fun

I never know what the day will hold when I step out of my apartment. Korea holds endless impromptu adventures… complete strangers invite you to go somewhere with them, a friend gets a wild hair to do something or go somewhere, the language itself poses "adventures", cab rides become survival adventures… you get the idea. So here are some recent impromptu adventures that have been a part of my life. 🙂

My friend, Hyungwoo, calls and asks me if I can meet him and a couple of his (English class) classmates.

I say, "Sure." and head out the door. A night of dinner, laughs, and bowling insues. I get home around 2am (on a school night).




Kb & I were hanging out one Saturday afternoon. We ended up eating lunch in one part of town, going shopping in "old downtown", going to the beach (another locale), and finally having dinner near the university before heading back home, Four different parts of Ulsan… one great day!



It was a beautiful day for a BBQ! One of my friends, Roy, decided to round up a dozen or so of us and head to an area called "Bangojin" (near the beach) and have a rooftop BBQ. There was meat galore~ so you KNOW I was loving it!

But more than that, the view was amazing. We were on the roof of a 9 story building, in an industrial area, with a nice view of the ships & the ocean.

The Ulsan Police Commissioner decided to visit us– Roy works part-time as a translator for the Ulsan Police force– bearing gifts and fireworks.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with this thing– the Korean instructions boast of 101 ways to wear it?? but it was a nice gesture nonetheless. Good times, good times!

Bbq 6-12-10 (9)Bbq 6-12-10 fireworksBbq 6-12-10 menBbq 6-12-10 happy girls

This past weekend, Kb & I decided to try and go (me driving) to Busan. Busan is the country's 2nd largest city and just 40 minutes away. I hadn't driven my car outside my home city since I bought it. Scary, but I thought, "Hey, if we get lost, it'll be an adventure!"

She agreed and we left out with a full tank of gas (just in case)! lol We made it there just fine. We found a place to park the car, went shopping, and then hung out beachside for a bit. [I think there is a theme forming]

It just so happened that Busan was also holding two festivals that weekend as well. The Sand Festival (where people make sand sculptures) and the Dance Festival (performances from all genres of dance). What a treat!



On the way back….oops… how do we get back!?! One would think "just go the opposite way you came," right?! lol– not so easy. But the short of it is: we did find our way back to the correct road. Although it was a toll road, there weren't many street lights and we drove in several stretches without street lights at all. I jokingly mention that, "Maybe we should watch out for deer." Well, we know words have POWER– guess what was in the middle of the road  about 10 miles ahead!?! A deer! THANK GOD for the Holy Ghost!! I managed to avoid the deer, keep control of the car and not cause any subsequent accidents. Kb was frightened and gasping for air, but we made it! Then we had a good laugh about the earlier deer comment.

Adventures are ever present here… what will happen next!?!

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