World Cup fun

South Africa is hosting the 2010 World Cup this year. I am a soccer fan, but don't really follow any teams as I don't have time for TV & Korea doesn't exactly offer a great variety of TV entertainment for me. BUT it just so happened that both Korea and the U.S. made it to the World Cup and eventually to the top 16! It was a fun cheering both teams on. Because of the time difference, a couple of games were on at 3:30am and YES, I was up and watching them!  Here are some pictures from the fun.

Koreans, keeping true to their cultural "team/family" mindset, come out in force– decked out in Red and all kinds of paraphanilia…. stickers, flickering horns, flags, shirts, tubes of air to make louder clapping sounds, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, the rain didn't allow for all the games to be viewed outside, but being cozied up in a bar around a big screen proved to be enjoyable as well.

World Cup 6-12 Victoria & KashamK v Uraguay (8)K v UraguayWorld Cup 6-18 USA v. Slovania (3)


I made it out to our soccer stadium (coincidentally, the same one that hosted some World Cup games in 2002) to cheer on Korea as they played Argentina. This game ultimately ended in our defeat, but the experience of cheering them on with thousands of other fans was well worth it!


It was really hot because of the body heat and humidity of the upcoming rainy season.

 Flags waving, hands in the air, and shouts of "대하민국!" [Korea] caused an exciting atmosphere of hope and expectation.

Both the U.S. and Korea lost their first games in the top 16 rounds… Sad about that, but happy that I will not be going to school on 2 hours sleep after an early morning game again!


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