Update~ What’s next… STANDING IN FAITH

July 16, 2010: Well, it's official. I have signed a contract to stay another year. I will be working here in Ulsan, my current city, at a private language institute in an upscale neighborhood. It's a small institute but well established, and has a high native teacher (foreigner) satisfaction rate. I went through a recruiter so they have checked the school's financial standings among other things. I was able to visit the school, teach a brief class and meet some of the students. The students' English conversation level is amazing! I can actually carry on a conversation with these kids and they are encouraged to think critically! That is huge! Koreans, as a culture, are taught to not think for themself, but to think for the whole, stay in the lines of the social norms and be like everyone else. It was really refreshing to see that this institute wants the children to have a voice!! WOW

So, although I would much prefer working at a University, it's a sacrifice I am making to stay in the city I have grown to love.

I will be changing apartments, moving to a more "happening" area of town, in late August. I will need to "make a visa run" – which basically means leave the country– between the end of my current contract (August 25th) and the start of my new one (Sept. 1), but that is just a great excuse to take an overseas vacation. Unfortunately, it's not enough time to visit the States, but it will be enough time to visit somewhere in SE Asia. I'll be sure to keep this blog updated as to where the vacation will be and what is going on in the next few weeks as many changes are on the horizon!

August 15, 2010: So, forget all that was written above. Long story made short: I got an interview at the University and consequently, did not go through with the contract mentioned. The university decided to hire another candidate, so I am one week away from the end of my contract (6 days away from my visa expiring) and no job for next year. Now, if you know me, you are likely thinking that I am freakin out right now~ suprisingly, I am not!! I am standing in Faith and expecting God to move!! I had an interview last Thursday and another interview this coming Wednesday. If a job offer and contract does not come of either of those, I plan to travel for about a month and find another private institution to work for here in Ulsan. (The two interviews were for other cities)

Will update this blog when I know what is going on, but because I must declare some things, I figured my blog is just one more place to declare that Jesus is Lord and ALWAYS in CONTROL of my life!! I am excited for the good news and excellent opportunities headed my way, in Jesus' name!!


August 24, 2010: Ok.. got my visa extended until Sept 10th! This is only the favor of the Lord because there was no (natural/legal) reason why they should extend it beyond the 25th (when my contract ends)! Bless the Lord! I got a phone call Monday afternoon offering a great job in east Seoul!! I'll take it! I can't say much about this job, for security reasons, but I will be working in Intelligence for the government. This job is right up my alley and I am excited about the opportunity. I am nervous about moving across (literally) the country in the next couple days, but hey, it can be a new adventure!  I know a half dozen people in Seoul already and one is just a 20 minute drive from me. For Seoul, that is considered really close! YAY— lots of changes coming my way. I will create a new blog about it so this one does not keep dragging on and on. Glory to God for He is always faithful!

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