Summer Camp

Part of my contract obligation is to work at English camps put on by the MOE (Metropolitan Office of Education). This summer, I was assigned to a 3-week, overnight camp in the nearby city of Gyeongju. Ironically, Gyeongju (and the location of the camp– Sarabol College) is also where I spent my first week of orientation in Korea!

Camp is fun, but I must say, was extremely exhausting! Breakfast began at 8am and we usually finished our nightly meeting around 10pm. There were 21 native English speakers/ teachers and an equal amount of Korean co teachers.

S Camp teachers (12)S Camp teachersS Camp teachers (2)S Camp teachers (7)S Camp teachers (10)

 Over 400 5th graders attended the camp. WOW! My team of 7 (foreign) teachers was assigned to the low level students. For me, this was no change from what I am used to teaching. We were each assigned a homeroom class~

I hit the jackpot on my homeroom! I had a wonderful co-teacher, Jenny, who spoke English well and had also taken a TESOL course!! TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a very different–and better if you ask my opinion– teaching methodology as compared to Korean traditional methods so I was overjoyed to be supported by her.

The days/nights were long, the children studied hard and also had a lot of fun making new friends and perfoming in a Song Festival and a Drama Festival. They were only given 7 days to prepare the song (chosen by each foreign homeroom teacher prior to the start of the camp), memorize the lyrics and put it to some choreography. My class did the Hokey Pokey!

S Camp song fest (13)S Camp song fest (6)S Camp song fest (10)S Camp song fest (14)S Camp song fest (12)

They did excellent and we won 2nd overall!! YEAH!

For the Drama Festival, we performed a traditional Korean fairytale, What Happened In The Pond, with a slight twist. I had to re-write the play as it only contained 7 parts and we had 16 students in class. Each one needed a speaking part so I adapted the story, adding characters and driving its "moral" home with some added lines. Basically it is a story about keeping the earth clean.

S Camp Drama fest (11)S Camp Drama fest (20)S Camp Drama fest (7)S Camp Drama fest (18)

 We won Best Costume! My co-teacher did a great job on the costumes and props and it paid off with the award.

I have one more week of camp– but this one is a day camp at my school. It should be fun as well. I will add some pictures and info from that camp once it is finished. ^^

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