Falling for Seoul

Well, fall is underway and I have been in Seoul just over a month. I am trying to adjust quickly and now that I have some furniture in my apartment, pictures on the wall, and have had my first official visitors, I am starting to fell at home. Ulsan will always be my “Korean hometown” but as many of you know, I try to be fully present where I am. So, let’s get on with the blog. ^o^

One thing that I have come to appreciate about a city this size, is that the food choices are much more diverse than in Ulsan. I can actually “enjoy” eating instead of just scaveging most of the time. If you don’t understand the difference, let me put it this way: for the first year here, I pretty much just ate what I could find– too often that was McDonald’s.  Eating out is much more cost effective, and there are many shops everywhere, but eating alone in a Korean restaraunt is both unusual and wasteful. The number of side dishes served is enough for one person to have a meal of.  

Public transportation is quite extensive here. I am thankful to have my car as I do live on the outskirts, but for the most part, I park my car at a nearby subway station and take the subway most places. You may not know this, but Seoul has one of the largest and most easily navigable subway systems in the world! WOW. Take if from a KS girl, those are really important features!

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One down side is that people are not as friendly, overall. I think it has something to do with the fact that Ulsan is the 7th largest city (some refer to Ulsan as the “countryside” hahaha) and Seoul is the largest. Many refer to Seoul as the NYC of Korea… well, from New York City’s reputation, I would guess that’s true. BUT people are not necessarily rude here — although I have met a few — rather, they are just not as helpful. I guess the people of Seoul are just really used to seeing foreigners so they aren’t as apt to think we need help. Interestingly, the foreigners here have a different reputation on the whole. They are perceived as not really wanting to be a part of Korean life and, in some parts of the city, as troublemakers who get drunk and fight all the time! No good!!

Me and a friend hiked a mountain near my home. We made it to the top just in time for sunset~ stunning! I like that I live far enough out that I get gorgeous views and get to be around nature, while still being close enough to the city to experience people as well.

As I continue to try and make new friends and explore my new city, I am hopeful about the future. I have checked out a few online groups, who meet on a regular basis, that I plan to join. There is a Gumdo gym not too far away which I may check out in a couple months. Who knows, I may take up some more hobbies in this new city…. stay tuned…

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2 Responses to Falling for Seoul

  1. Allison Conklin says:

    I love this blog–I’m living vicariously through you. Thank you for all the wonderful articles. ~smile

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