Korean Thanksgiving~ take 2

Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving, has come and gone again. This Chuseok was my 2nd one in Korea. I must say, they get better and better. This year, four of my friends (from Ulsan) came up to pay me a visit, explore Seoul and take in some great food. I discovered a CostCo about 20 minutes from my house, so that added to the excitement of their visit. I bought two huge pies: one apple cinammon and one pumpkin. I also bought various other “treats” for our enjoyment: whipped cream, nacho chips, mozarella cheese, tortillas, beef, salsa, etc. We also ate at a few places that are special to our tastebuds: TGIFriday’s, Taco Bell, and Outback.

Nadia has been in Korea just a couple months and this was her first visit to Seoul. She stayed the longest and was welcomed by flooding~ I get a typhoon welcome, she gets flooding– good sign?!?! These are photos we took as we watched and waited out the flooding rains in Taco Bell the first day. Sadly, we watched many people lose shoes, and one restaraunt had water pouring into its front doors. Eventually two men stood outside the door with a thick plywood type board and redirected the raging waters away from the restaraunt’s front entry.

Kb arrived late Tuesday evening. We went exploring Seoul: the Gyeongbokgung Palace, shopping, looking at statues, walking through a park, and so on…

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We spent LOTS of time on the subway… what better way to pass time, but photoshoots and games (I won’t go into the games/rules here– just know we had hours of entertainment!)!?!

Kyunghee and Sohee came on Friday because they had to spend the actual Chuseok holiday with their families. We had fun, laughed a lot and met up with some of Kyunghee’s high school friends (she is from Seoul). After a meal, we went to a Karaoke room (private room for singing with your friends) and I took a nap! hahahaa

We finished out the week with a trip to the War Museum… sobering but very cool. Friends went home, fall weather is rolling in…. guess it’s time to start the new semester! BRING IT ON!!

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