Barbedwire, gunshots & shouting…..ahh the comfort sights & sounds of home!

For the past 8 years (in the States) I worked in Corrections.  I guess, subconsciously, I got used to the sounds of yelling, doors slamming, and locks snapping shut; or the sites of barbedwire, uniforms and bulletresistant things everywhere.  Barbedwire first entered my life, on a daily basis, in the 90’s when I was in Haiti. Barbedwire is commonly used on property walls to deter a would-be thief from coming in.  Of course, prison walls are topped with barbedwire…now I work on a (Korean) military base that is also in full stock of barbedwire. 

Because I work for and near the military, shouts and chanting can be heard on a regular basis. These are quite different in emotion and content than the shouts/noises that come from inside the prisons, but they are shouts nonetheless.

Gunshots are also a sound that can be frequently heard from my apartment windows. In Haiti, I used to joke that I could recognize the caliber of a gun based on the sound it makes…. Haiti had enough gunshots that I sharpened the skill.

Anyway, it is amazing to me that I am actually comforted by these things. I guess it comforts me because they are a bit nostalgic. Afterall, I do love Haiti and working in the field of Corrections. Who knows, either way you analaze it, I am happy to have some comforts of home here in my new home!! So, the next time you see or hear one of these great comforts, think of me, because I am thinking of you at home.

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