Rows of lanterns were strung above the river... so beautiful!

I have spent the past couple weekends exploring. I forgot how much fun that can be. My zipline weekend began on Friday evening when I met up with a new friend for dinner and girl talk. We also attended the Latern Festival in Seoul.

This is a lantern but it looks like a painting. WOW

There were beautiful lanterns sent from all over the world.

Saturday, I met up with another friend, went swimming, worked out, had sauna time (2 hours worth), and then grabbed a meal. Saturday evening, I met up with a third friend, for great Indian/Napelese food and some more girl talk.

Then, on Sunday, I met up with Jamie (my friend from Friday night) and we went on an adventure with 6 other friends: A ZIPLINE!

We were so excited about our fall ziplining adventure!

It’s been several years since I have had the opportunity to zipline, so it was fun to play. Jamie, who is a bit afraid of heights, was a courageous trooper and completed all 9 courses!

Jamie taking on course 5!!

It was so fun to watch her overcome her fears and zip down the cables, hudreds of feet in the air! A bonus to the ziplining, was that it is peak fall season, and the leaves / views were amazing. Be sure to check out my videos and pictures (link on the photos blog= more photos)!

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