South Korea is a country about the size of Indiana. For such a small country, it has definitely made its mark in the world. S. Korea has a vision for the future and is working to become more “foreign friendly” and touristy.  Foreign friendly basically means that foreigners will feel welcomed and be able to function (i.e. more English signs) easily when visiting.

North and South Korea were divided during the Korean War. It is one of only a few countries in the world which remains divided and unfriendly to one another. There is a line, about 2.5 miles wide, and 160miles long, which acts as a buffer between the North and South called the DeMilitarization Zone (DMZ). 

A friend of mine planned to join a tour of the DMZ and I was fortunate enough to join in as well. We spent the whole day (from 9am-7pm) touring areas of the DMZ.  Interesting place.  We couldn’t actually cross into North Korea, nor would we want to at this point; especially keeping in mind the recent news of Americans and the North. We were able to go to a look out point and view a city on the border. Here are some pictures which may explain things a bit better.

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