Single Lady’s Proclamation

Today is “Black Day” in Korea. February 14th is Valentine’s Day (where women give men chocolate); March 14th is White Day (where men give women chocolate); and April 14th is Black Day. It’s a day set aside for single people to eat a dish known as jajangmyeon (black noodles).  Some say this is a way to “mourn” the fact that they are single. WHAT!?! In CELEBRATION of my single status, I decided to write this proclamation!

In some cultures/mentalities, especially Asian cultures, a woman finds her worth in her connection to a man (her husband or boyfriend in most cases).  I’m saddened by this, but also recognize that it is a difference in cultures. I am also thankful because I was raised in a culture that values independence and women for their own merit; not their connection to a man.  I find my worth, not in a man, but in The Man. (if you want to know more, just ask)

  • I am ALONE but NOT LONELY!
  • I have high standards and will gladly wait for someone to meet them before I rush into a relationship. I am would rather be happy and single than miserable with the wrong person.
  • I WANT to be with someone, but don’t NEED to be with someone. [That causes your actions to drastically change.]
  • It’s not about proving to him that you are worthy. Rather, it’s about him qualifying for what you have to offer. (If you have nothing to offer, well… guess that’s a good place to start working on yourself.)
  • If you have a man and I am his friend, don’t worry, honey, I DON’T WANT HIM! By the fact that he is dating (or married to) you DISQUALIFIES him from my dating pool. Some women may be trifflin and want a taken man, but I strongly believe that YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW and I have too much respect for others and myself to sow that seed.
  • To the men who don’t meet the standards or are otherwise disqualified, don’t be mad. There is someone out there for you, I’m just not her.
  • I am strong, independent, confident, smart and a great catch….. if you don’t know that for yourself, I (actually) don’t need to proclaim it to you. Sit back, watch and observe. You will see my character for yourself.
  • Haters will be haters…… but here is some wisdom for them: That which you are jealous/envious of will NEVER come to you because you hate it (and therefore push it away from you)!
  • Finally,  For those of you who read this and are in a happy, healthy relationship: I rejoice with you! For those of you who are in an unhealthy relationship, my heart bleeds for you, for I have been there and NEVER want to go back!!

I celebrate my single status, today and everyday!

Single people: stand up, be proud and rejoice in your freedom!

HAPPY Black Day!!

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