Today’s Encouragement Came from AAA Batteries

I bought a new (to me) car a few months ago, a 2010 Chevy Spark. It’s a unique car, fit for my personality, customized in many ways. 2013-08-04 15.33.21 The interior feels like a sexy love motel, in the non sleaziest way possible. lol 2013-08-04 15.33.49 My car has a push-button start. You must have an electronic key in close proximity in order to lock / unlock and start/turn off the car. As a back up, it also has a code you can “knock” on the windshield and unlock the doors. Nice!

Well, today the battery in the electronic key apparently died. I was able to use the knock system once to get me to/from my morning classes, but this afternoon, the car decided the knock system wasn’t gonna work and triggered the alarm. The car alarm is blaring  neeenuuu neeee nuuuuu neeeenuuuuu. I had to get to class so I decided to walk across campus to get to class as that walk is long and time was short.

I make it to class and when it’s complete, walk back to my car. On my way there, I am making phone calls and trying to figure out how I will get my car to the Chevy shop (about a 35-minute drive away). I sit in my car and try to see if my electronic key does, in fact, have a battery somewhere—- Found it!  AAA

Ok, where can I find AAA batteries, within walking distance? I try (on a hunch alone) the office’s restaurant. (Yea, it’s a long shot, but whatever, can’t hurt to try, right?)

Me: Do you have batteries?
Older lady/ clerk: What? Batteries? No, we don’t sell batteries.
Me: hmmmm. ok. *Looking around* Do you know where I can find some?
Clerk: Wait, what’s this? [next to the register, there “happens to be” one pack of AAA batteries] *She has a confused look on her face.*
Me: *smiling, knowing that my needs have been answered* Uh, how much?
Clerk: I don’t know, we don’t sell batteries. How much?
Me: *shrugs*
Clerk: 1,200 won? (about $1)
Me: ok. *handing her the money*

Guess what? It worked, of course!!!

Grateful that what I need is always available to me. I simply have to remain calm, listen to my inner voice and step out in obedient faith, no matter how illogical it seems. It’s something I know in the depths of my being to be true, but I don’t always obey. Who would of thought AAA batteries would encourage me today. Thanks, God! Thanks, universe! Thanks, intuition!

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