Intuitive Card Readings

Media portrays (tarot) card readers in some unusual ways. Typically, you see a woman with a few piercings, head wrapped in a scarf, sitting in front of a crystal ball in a dimly lit room.tarot card reader I’m writing this post to shed some light on intuitive card reading- what it is and what it isn’t.

First, let me get this out there: *I use the word God, Spirit, Universe, Divine Intelligence, Divinity interchangeably, because these words all represent the same thing, but speak to each individual differently. For example, one person might have negative feelings towards the word “God” because of past experiences in his life. This holds a negative charge with him and he will automatically put up walls that hinder the message from reaching him. Conversely, the same may be true for another person who hears the word “Universe” because he isn’t used to hearing that word associated with God. No matter what word(s) you use for Divine Power, the message is from the same place. Use the word that speaks to you and your truth.

What is a card reading?

Quite simply, it is God/Spirit/Angels speaking to someone, (the person who has asked for a reading) via cards and a reader. God can speak to people in many ways, through the Bible, or other sacred text, nature, a message from others that speaks to your Spirit, billboard signs, internal impressions/umptions, animals, the list goes on and on. Card reading is another form of God speaking to others.

It is a message regarding the current path you are on. It is NOT set in stone, meaning, Spirit is giving you guidance based on the current path you’re are heading on. If you change your course/habits/mind/thoughts, the course will change. I won’t get into the deep Spiritual laws here, but as you likely know, words and thoughts have creative power. You WILL see a manifestation of your current thoughts/words/actions, whether positive or negative. This is the law of attraction in its simplest form.

Each card represents a message, but when you have an intuitive card reading, you are also getting information beyond the card(s). An intuitive card reader has a gift of intuition, meaning she is able to know things without having learned them. This information comes from Spirit and is only given for validation, insight and direction. It’s important that you find an intuitive reader who works from a high vibration. For obvious reasons, if you go to a reader with a low vibration, her intentions are not usually pure and don’t come from a place of Love. Rather, they come from a place of ego, greed and exploitation.  It’s also important to note that every person has intuition (an inner knowing). When you attune yourself to listen to your intuition, your path will be made much easier. [An intuitive reader is someone who has a heightened sense of intuition.]

tarot card decksWhat deck of cards should an intuitive card reader use?

It is up to the reader to decide which deck she will use. There are literally thousands of decks available, and most card readers have multiple decks. Which deck she chooses to do your reading from will heavily depend on the type of question you have, as well as what the reader is sensing will work best. It is not uncommon for a reading to include cards from more than one deck.

What an intuitive card reading isn’t

An intuitive card reading is not set in stone. As mentioned above, it can change if you change your thoughts, course, mind, etc. Think of it as a snapshot into the future of your current path. Taking at a precise moment in time, with many variables which may cause change.

How much does a reading cost?

Each reader may charge different fees, according to how she is led. This is a sensitive subject for many people, which I personally find interesting. Why does it bother someone to pay for a reading? Is a laborer not worth his wages? You wouldn’t go to work, using your skills, talents and training and not expect to be paid for your efforts, right? Absolutely you should get paid. Since there is a wide range of price points for readings, you can surely find a reader who is cheaper than the reader you may be seeking right now, but here’s some insight: if the guidance you’re seeking has led you to that reader, isn’t that in itself some guidance?

I hope that this post has brought some insight and clarity for you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment or contact me. Love and Light!

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  1. Susan says:

    Beautifully explained!

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