August Highlights


Alright, as promised, although extremely tardy, I have made a blog page!! Since so much has happened in just the short time I have been in Korea, I thought I would summarize the past few weeks and start from today forward- to be faithful to update my blogs. 🙂


I began my flight to South Korea on the evening of August 19, 2009. I spent a total of 24 actual hours traveling– broken up into three legs: Kansas City to Chicago (1.5 hrs)— Chicago to Seoul, S. Korea (14 hrs)– Seoul to Busan (1 hr) but lost a day (due to the international date line) in travel. I spent a week in Sarabol College for orientation. That had it's own interesting stories. We went sight seeing and spent some time learning about Korean foods/customs/ culture. We had one day of actual lesson planning and instruction.


Above is a photo of my first Korean meal— I cannot begin to identify what everything is, but most of it was good. Lots of new flavors and textures for my pallet to savor. We also dove in there with using chopsticks. THAT alone was a challenge. lol


Here are a couple shots of the places we visited. Looking forward to many more breath taking views….




Bulguksa temple viewME at Bunhwangsatemple lakeSkyline boatView at Bunhwangsa templeWishing rocks

In August, I also moved into my temporary housing (an apartment that was once occupied by another native teacher) in NamChang– about 40 min bus ride from downtown Ulsan. School to begin September 1st!

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